About Us


We were tired of going to events where the coffee, drinks and food was at best average. We decided to go about putting an end to this by setting up our own business serving excellent artisan coffee, irresistible cold drinks, delicious tasting toasties, baguettes, home made treats and more! 

Our Artisan Coffee

Our coffee plays a rather large role in what sets us apart from other mobile catering companies. We use Wacka Espresso coffee beans in all our coffees. They are a great coffee company and we can't wait for you to try it! It's always freshly roasted and always delicious! In the meantime check them out... www.wackaespresso.com

Our Food & Drink

Taking the time to develop many of our own recipes and sourcing great quality products from our suppliers is something we take great pride in. We ensure all our products are free range and fair trade.

Suiting Your Needs

We love to cater at private events and we are more then happy adapting our menu to suit your special occasion. If you'd like us to cater at your event whether that be a wedding, party, corporate event etc then don't hesitate to fill out a form here. We'd love to help out! 

Environmental Commitment

The Wacka Wagon Co is committed to ensuring that we are as environmentally friendly as possible. We ensure that all of our coffee cups, lids and most other packaging is 100% compostable. We're committed to doing our bit to help look after our planet and frequently reviewing our practices helps us to be as environmentally friendly as we can. 

Events That We Attend


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